SMT Assembling Services

Using our new generation SMT assembly machines that is convenient to IPC standarts, we are available to PCB between 50X50mm up to max 460X600mm. Moreover, we provide SMT service with lead or lead free that are also controlled by 3D SPI and 3D AOI.

PCB Design

We can design all kinds of PCB from a simple LED circuit board to complex PCB design include microcontroller that is applicable to anywhere according to the demands of our customers.

We can make projects for lighting, traffic signaling, medical device, automotive sector as well as other sectors that includes design, PCB supply or other types of turnkey projects.

Electronical Circuit Design

In order to meet the customer demands in lighting, traffic, solar energy products, small household appliances, automotive and medical lighting and systems , we give project based services that includes DC-DC supply cards, constant current LED driver, LED module designs with DC or AC input within extensive and experienced technical staff.

Our producable and competetive designs go through conceptual design, prototype production and unit integration tests before they are presented to our customers.

Project Activities

The Lighting companies are usually focused on LED fixture design, manufacturing and sales of lighting project. And majority of those companies usually outsources the technical engineering needs of their projects. When it comes to Lighting automations there are not many companies to provide services. Even if they do, they do not know the needs of the Lighting industry like us and they do not provide services focused on Lighting.

With the past experiences of our engineers and quality projects we have completed with our customers, we are able to provide services on Lighting and automation applications with softwares such as Dialux for factories and buildings, Relux for tunnels and underpasses, Autocad for electrical infrastructure as well as ETS software for KNX building automations using them whether for simple product placement or complex project works. In addition to those services we are capable of providing field supervisor services for DALI, DMX and KNX applications.

Testing and Analysis Activities

With our wide laboratory facilities and expert technicians we are able to measure lumen, correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), power (W), power factor (PF), total harmonic distortion (THD), flicker tests in the scope of LM 79-08 standart as well as TS EN 60598 tests, optical comparison tests, light output ratio (LOR) tests.

In addition to above, we also provide reports referring to standards for our customers to improve their products before certification process with accredited bodies such as TSE, ENEC for their products to be successful in the tests and contribute to their export power.

Lighting Design and Consultancy

  • Creating an aesthetic lighting concept that is energy efficient, Compliant with EN12464 standards and that can offer indoor comfort
  • Designing lighting and KNX automation systems
  • Utilization of sun light using day light modeling
  • Light pollution analysis
  • Documentation of sustainability reports
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Project management
  • Process and quality management in the field